What others say about Beloved Women Organization

“It was a real pleasure attending this successful gathering of Arabic women.
Being an event planner and a banquet manager, I know the hard work and the time to organize such an event. Honestly, the event was one of the most successful I have attended. Bravo!
Keep the great job.”
“It was a pleasure attending the event and meeting you and the other members of the board, I feel happy when I meet people who follow their vision and believe in their mission.
May God keep your path enlightened.”
Excellent service all the way around from start to finish. Keep up the GREAT work!

Meet Our Board of directors

Eliane Akiki Massaad
Eliane Akiki MassaadChair

Eliane Akiki Massaad is the founder and chair of the Beloved Women Organization. Eliane’s vision is to empower and develop women.

In 2007, Eliane established “I am a Woman” center in Lebanon and had many field trips to Egypt and Sudan for training, developing and encouraging local women. She created and managed a training program aimed at reaching underprivileged women in order to provide them with skills and help them gain financial and social independence.

She earned her MBA and has over 20 years of professional experience in the fields of management and development; in addition to attending many training courses in leadership and other topics in many countries.

She is committed to helping women with different Middle Eastern backgrounds and nationalities; while holding firmly to start a center for women so that women will be loved, encouraged, equipped, treated with dignity and respect to impact their families and communities.

Eliane is married and has three children. She is a proud grandmother too.

Eliane truly believes that she is an instrument through which God may reach Arab women so that they may know they are unique, loved by God, able to love and be loved, and ultimately reconcile with themselves, God and society.

Nagwa Iskandar
Nagwa IskandarTreasurer

Nagwa is an intern counsellor with Age to Age, the Treasurer of “Beloved Women” organization, a wife and a mother for 32 years with three adult sons (one married). Nagwa’s passion is to assist others in reaching their utmost potential. Her motivation leads her to engage in working with relief organizations and NGOs such as UNICEF, World Vision, BCOQ and Beloved Women.

She is also facilitating group workshops for training and empowering women to express and utilize their capabilities in exploring their natural artistic resources and developing self exploration.

Sawsan Younan
Sawsan YounanMember

Sawsan is a board member of the Beloved Women organization. She is actively involved in contributing to the success and growth of the organization.

Sawsan is married, a mother of four and a proud grandmother of two granddaughters. She is employed as a bus driver.

Her passion for serving women and supporting them is a strong drive that keeps her focused on helping and encouraging ladies to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

Linda HaistSecretary

Linda Haist is a journalist who is the executive director of MECO – Canada, a ministry that serves churches of all denominations in the Middle East and Canada.

She has served on the boards of Finishers’ Canada, MECO Canada and Trinity Christian School. She has also served on management teams for CrossTraining Global and the CNMM, and is a founding member of the Hamilton-Halton International Missions association.

She currently sits on the international board of Middle East Christian Outreach and is leader of the Halton network of CNMM.

Linda is married and a mother.

Linda served as the secretary of the board of SIT AL HABAYEB – Beloved Women Organization since November 2014.