Welcome to Beloved Women Organization

About us


Beloved Women Organization (BWO) is a humanitarian Christian women’s organization that serves women (Arab speaking and other communities), regardless of religion, race, or ethnicity.

Our Mission


To care for, empower, and support women. We do this through capacity-building, hands on training and leadership; and by addressing emotional, physical, spiritual and socio-economic needs, to help women build self-esteem and character.

Our Goals

To help women build self-image regardless of age, race or socio-economic background.

To provide services that improve women’s skills and mend their quality of life

To create a safe and family-friendly Internet resource center

To love women unconditionally and encourage them to keep their eyes on the living God

To support women in all walks of life and not condemn them

To empower women through awareness of their legal rights and responsibilities

To connect women with God and each other

Core Values


We recognize that each woman regardless of religion, race, culture, nation, belief or lifestyle is valuable to God and to you.


We value integrity and operate with truth and honesty.


We stand together against violence and help seek justice for all women.

Dignity & Respect

We believe that every woman has the right to human dignity and should be treated with respect.