Self-Development (Workshops)


Beauty and personal care: Learn the basics and techniques of make-up application, skin and nail care. Understand the practice and principles of beauty care and develop your knowledge of cosmetic products. Use this knowledge to pamper yourself and update your look or as a stepping-stone in the thriving cosmetic industry.


Health and nutrition: Become familiar with the influence of food on health and well-being. Learn which food groups help in the prevention of disease, weight management, improvement of mental functions and memory and much more.


Goal setting and self-promotion: Get in touch with your talents and gifts, learn how to formulate goals and objectives and develop the necessary strategies to achieve those goals.


Computer applications for everyday life: Learn computer skills that can be used in everyday life, e.g. Internet browsing, online banking, shopping, booking movie or plane tickets, etc. Improve your use of e-mail and learn how to apply to college programs or universities and much more.