Starting small business (Workshops)

Jewelry making


Jewellery-making classes with Sit Al Habayeb is a program designed to teach women, of all ages, the basic and foundational steps in making their own jewellery pieces.  This program also enhances the women’s creativity as well as developing their skills in exploring their own potential abilities.  It also provides the women with exploring their options in pursuing a business approach in marketing their hand-made pieces.  Learning to make these pieces within a group setting helps the women to share ideas and network together.  It also helps the women to find their own tranquilizing atmosphere in exploring and understanding their talents.

Knitting and Crocheting


Knitting and crocheting are crafts that require similar skill sets which include the patience necessary to keep working, stitch after stitch, until the project is complete.

Besides the obvious advantage of creating useful articles and garments, knitters enjoy a host of health benefits both physical and psychological. Knitting allows you to steep yourself in creativity and forget the stress and anxiety of your day.
The process of learning to knit helps you feel good about yourself and enhances your sense of self-esteem.



Sewing is a craft that involves joining fabrics together with stitches either with a needle and thread by hand or with a machine.

Sewing has obvious benefits: no missing buttons, or dropped hems, more money in the bank because we make more of our own clothes, and an up-to-date wardrobe because refashioning last season’s buys is so easy.

The hand-eye coordination is good for our brains and for keeping our fingers quick. Having agile minds and bodies tend to make us feel more agile and alert. Plus being able to make and mend does wonders for our self–esteem. Sewing skills can also open up your social life.



Crafts are mainly activities involving skill in making things by hand.

Crafts engage both your mind and body, causing optimistic feelings about your life and future.